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Eating Veg: Day 1

I’m wary that what began as a website designed to effect the radical transformation of society is fast becoming something more akin to a Delia Smith spin-off, but nonetheless… After a five hour train ride from Germany, I forced myself to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for this gooey, less-than-aesthetically pleasing veggie delight:


Not even sure what you’d call it (mixture of onion, carrot, courgette, chickpeas, tomatoes and rice…plus gone-off wine). But it was done in 30 mins flat and tasted somewhere between average and just a tiny bit above average, so ’nuff sed’ really. Saturday is organic market day so all being well I’ll be grilling the local farmers on their standards of animal welfare.

Now I’ll get back to more traditional politics for a while…till next time, Delia.



What’s in season: end of Jan/ Feb (and a recipe for emancipatory apple and pear pie)



This is a link I found for England, but I think most of central Europe will be similar.


beetroot*, brussels sprouts*, carrots, cauliflower*, celeriac*, celery, chicory*, horseradish, jerusalem artichoke*, kale*, kohlrabi, leeks*, onions, parsnips*, potatoes (maincrop)*, purple sprouting broccoli, radishes, rhubarb*, rocket, salsify*, shallots*, spinach, swede*, turnips


apples, blood oranges*[i], clementines*[i], kiwi fruit*[i], lemons*[i], oranges*[i], passion fruit*[i], pears, pineapple*[i], pomegranate*[i], satsumas*[i], tangerines[i]


chives, coriander, mushrooms (cultivated), parsley (curly), truffles (black)*[i], walnuts*[i]


Recipe for Pear and Apple pie:
Melt 250g of butter in a fryingpan.

Add sugar to taste (but quite a bit)

Cut all fruit into a large chunks.

Add to to mixture and leave for a while (40m maybe), stirring in between the chapters of whatever book you’re reading.

Add cinnamon, muscadet and a touch of lemon juice.

You can add more butter/sugar if you want and if it gets too thin then add flour to thicken it back up.

Take mixture of heat and leave to cool a little, during which time you can preheat over to gas mark 5 or 6.

Grease pan, add pastry base (for how to make pastry I’ll comment on this later).

I made a lattice for the top (pictures to follow).
Oven it until the top is brown then cover with tinfoil and leave for  40m.  Leave to cool and serve.

I’m eating a slice now and it’s like sugary heaven (which for me is a bit like hell as I’m quite sensitive to sugar, but sod it).