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Eating Veg: Day 1

I’m wary that what began as a website designed to effect the radical transformation of society is fast becoming something more akin to a Delia Smith spin-off, but nonetheless… After a five hour train ride from Germany, I forced myself to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for this gooey, less-than-aesthetically pleasing veggie delight:


Not even sure what you’d call it (mixture of onion, carrot, courgette, chickpeas, tomatoes and rice…plus gone-off wine). But it was done in 30 mins flat and tasted somewhere between average and just a tiny bit above average, so ’nuff sed’ really. Saturday is organic market day so all being well I’ll be grilling the local farmers on their standards of animal welfare.

Now I’ll get back to more traditional politics for a while…till next time, Delia.



About Daniel Hartley

Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Leeds.

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  1. Yeah, presentation is something to be worked on. And I’d get into spices of all kinds too…at the market that it.

    Otherwise, nice work

  2. I think the best thing might be to use youtube or some other video site to pick up some tips on how to cook different things. It´s one thing to read, but it really helps to watch someone prepare something. And try stir-frys, healthy enough, and quite easy.

    Another thing is not to see this as a battle to be counted in days. It´s not an addiction you´re dealing with. What might help you is to continue reading about the meat industry, watch documentaries on the food industry. Food Inc. is good for starting with. Information is what you need to arm yourself with. Next time you see meat in the supermarket just try run through the life of the chunk of flesh that is lying in front of you.

    But some serious questions for you:

    Why do you think it´s so hard for you to go without meat?

    And is the killing of animals part of your decision?

    • Why do you think it´s so hard for you to go without meat?

      I need to think about this one.

      And is the killing of animals part of your decision?

      Good question. As brutal as it sounds, I don’t think it’s the actual killing of animals that bothers me, so much as the way in which they’re killed. I have almost no problem with the way the chickens were killed, for example, by the ‘good’ farmer in the film ‘Food inc.’. They’d been well kept, had lots of space to range and be themselves, had relatively long lives (long lives for future food, that is), and were killed quickly and humanely. Though writing this makes me feel a bit eerie: makes me question just how comfortable I am with the human-animal distinction.

      • I had a discussion with someone about this. Her argument was basically that we should all be vegan because as humans we should exercise our unique ability to be moral.

        I don’t find this argument very satisfying, for a number of reasons that I still haven’t properly disentangled and reasoned out.

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