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I began writing an introductory post about my political disillusionment, but it started turning into a pretty wanky essay so I’m now going to try and summarise it:

“The Right” = Pragmatic / Not very nice

“The Left” = Ideological / Quite nice on the whole

(NB: Pragmatic = gets stuff done, Ideological = doesn’t get stuff done)

So, ideally I want a political (or more precisely economic) alternative that is:

a) nice, b) pragmatic, c) realistic.

To clarify just a little further using an example, I don’t think that trying to make socialists out of everyone could be classed as pragmatic  (few things have wound me up more than going to a “Climate Change” meeting to be told that we can all fight global warming by becoming socialists.)

I believe that the quest for this ideal option is also very much obscured by tides of bullshit that, I must emphasise, spring just as copiously from the left wing as from the right.

Perhaps if we lived in a world where we could actually make decisions based on real information, then we’d have a fighting chance of working out how to do things properly.



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