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A Little Bit About Me…

Why am I here? Well I guess that the short answer would be that my best friend set it up and told me to join, but perhaps I can give a little more detail than that…

The description of the site talks about The Night Shift as being a place for those who are lost. Lost is a word that describes me pretty well these days. After finishing university a few years ago, I was so sure I knew the direction my life was going to move in. I felt confident and secure in the knowledge that I had a Life Plan and I was going to do something that mattered. Fast forward several years and none of my plans have yet materialised. I am in “full time” employment for a multinational energy company, I’m paid a relatively poor wage, work approximately 25-30 hours of unpaid overtime a week and am constantly bullied by my immediate manager. I have recently been experiencing a loss of faith in politics (by which I mean real politics, not David Cameron) because, while I am a strong believer in socialism, socialism today seems to me to be about talk and hatred, rather than action and love as I had previously thought. Socialism today offers nothing for a person like me: I’m honestly not that bothered about the innumerable ways in which the current system is fucking us, I don’t need to read in exhaustive detail all the reasons why the war in Afghanistan was wrong. All I want to know, is what I can do to go about stopping all this shit and bringing in a free society; and this for me, is where socialism really falls down. What do we actually do? What are we actually trying to create?

People have told me that we can’t plan a free society as anything we plan will bear the marks of the current society. Whilst I can see this point of view, it ultimately seems to me to be a way of avoiding dealing with the really difficult questions. If the current system is done away with then people will have to organise a new system to replace it at some point, doing it in advance and having a chance to talk about it first seems a lot better to me than doing at the time when it needs to be functional.

So that’s it really – I want to fuse the theory with the practical so that I can go out there and overthrow the capitalist systems and build a free world (admittedly, it is unlikely I will manage to do this alone).


Likes: Sweden, History, Pipes.

Dislikes: Tofu, Absolutes, Anything banal thing described as ‘mad’, ‘wacky’ or ‘zany’.


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  1. Personally, I feel that I do need to be reminded how shit the world is (though not all the time), just to keep my memory and willpower jogged. It’s easy to slip back into ideological norms.

    Also, it is interesting that you mention the not being reminded about the world’s shitness, since I’ve noticed that I, and people I know, do often balk at signs of overt cynicism from others (the same sort of cynicism I often show towards the world and am appalled people balk at). How to refute the bullshit,whilst remaining positive? How to remain positive and realise the left has a right to say ‘no’ without being labelled somehow ‘fascistic’?

    Tired and rambling, Joe, I apologise.

    Also, I’m with you on the dislikes, but can we add the term ‘random’?

    Post coming soon.

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  3. Pingback: Motivations « The Night Shift

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